Bulker – Discharge and reception

Bag dump stations


Enable the bag dump manually. These Bag dump stations incorporate suction fan to prevent dust clouds. Discharge systems can be incorporated as rotary valves or feeders. Includes safety features to prevent undesired objects falling to process.










BigBag Dischargers

Bulker bigbag dischargers, guarantee the discharge of Big-Bags safely, thanks to SEB sealing the discharge avoids wastage of material during the process. For cohesive products with discharge problems, the SAM system favors the discharge. The machines can also include lifting systems, metering or weighing. The flexible manufacturing system Bulker to adapt computers to their dimensional requirements.






BigBag Fillers


Allow BigBags load safely, thanks to SEB sealing prevents wastage of material. They can also incorporate metering or weighing systems. The flexible manufacturing system to adapt the station Bulker your needs.